Breakout sessions, where a larger group literally “breaks out” into smaller groups for informational or educational training, are a vital component at most conferences and corporate events. Breakout sessions offer closer interaction between presenters and attendees, providing greater focus on the subject matter.

Breakout sessions may seem less technically sophisticated than general sessions, but the challenges lie in their coordination, labor and logistics, and management of multiple, concurrent sessions. Unlike a general session, with focus on a single room, breakout sessions occupy multiple rooms spread throughout a venue and often, throughout a city.

One of the key challenges in planning successful breakout sessions is space utilization.  As conferences and companies continue to grow, so do the number of attendees needing to fit into existing meeting spaces.  Factor in space requirements for presentation technologies, staging and seating, and existing physical features, and you can see how efficient space planning is vital.  In addition, we research and consider a facility’s mandated policies, furniture and staging dimensions, setup and teardown procedures, and local fire marshal regulations when formulating a breakout strategy.

M squared OnStage understands these challenges and is highly experienced in providing successful solutions to achieve the right balance between maximizing space utilization and budget.

Regardless of the type of breakout session; educational seminar, medical or dental lab, software training session or symposium discussions, we have the knowledge, systems and experience for effective breakout session management.

Let M squared OnStage help make your breakout experience successful.